TC-200 Features & Advantages





Turbo Cooler Machine

The basic operating principle of our humidifier is centrifugal atomization; water supplied to a quickly spinning rotator becomes fine particles when impact is exerted on the hydrophilic plate. These particles are the blown with strong wind to generate fog particles.

When fine water particles evaporate, they absorb heat. Using this principle, the humidifier may be used as a cooler for various facilities in summer. In addition to humidity control and cooling capabilities, it is equipped with the capability to adjust spraying volume per hour from 0 liters to 200 liters, allowing it to serve as an excellent sprayer for chemicals and additives.

If you operate only the blower fan with a wind speed of 10.5m/s, it will also act as an air-circulating unit. In other words, you can maximize the effects from one equipment depending on your purpose.


  TC-200 Specifications

Classification Specifications
Body Dimensions (mm) 700(L) x 700(w) x 700(w)
Body Weight (kg) 42
Spraying Volume (l/h) 0~200
Spraying Distance (m) 28
Particle Size (µm) 0~450
Spraying Type Centrifugal Atomization
Main Motor Power (W) 382
Blower Motor Power (W) 690
Total Power (W) 1,072
Voltage VAC220, 3-Phase, Single Phase
Frequency (Hz) 60
Main Motor Rotations (RPM) 3,357
Blower Motor Rotations (RPM) 1,500
Average Wind Speed (m/sec) 10.5
Water Pressure (kg/cm²) 7


TC-200 Applications

In livestock farming, whether or not you can provide appropriate raising conditions will determine quality and quantity of production. Crowded places such as pig farms, cow farms, and chicken farms are always exposed to fatal dangers including epidemics, respiratory diseases, and catastrophic death assemblage due to the temperature rise in summer. Installing a proper controlling unit is indispensable in those places.

Turbo atomizer is both blower and humidifier. It may be used as an evaporation cooling system in summer, and humidifying system in winter that will overcome dryness caused by excessive heating. In addition, by spraying chemicals, it may be used throughout all seasons for multi-purposes including epidemic prevention, elimination of offensive odors, and insect control.

Although it may vary depending on the properties of crops, the average temperature appropriate for plants to grow ranges between 20°C and 28°C. A greenhouse should have both a ventilator and a blower at work because evaporation cooling works more effectively with a lower relative humidity.

With its powerful blowing capability, the turbo atomizer is capable not only of rapid cooling but also of mixing air. A rotator can dramatically reduce the facility costs by reducing the number of applicable equipment per unit area. It can also spray chemicals within a short period time when the spraying volume is set to the maximum.

In large-scale industrial facilities such as textile, wood, printing and paper mills, maintaining certain environments greatly affects quantity and quality of production

You may expect many effects from using the turbo atomizer: cooling work sites in summer, adjusting humidity in winter, and removing dusts and offensive odors. A variety of applications are available combined with varied spraying volume and appropriate additives.


Outdoor tennis courts, stadiums, performance sites etc. are exposed to the direct sun light and have many people, but not an appropriate cooling unit.

Complete evaporation cooling using the strong wind from the turbo atomizer will create a pleasant environment both for the audience and the players.