PA-SERIES Features & Advantages




Effectiveness humidifier for satisfaction result
-What is the best point of PA-series for humidity control?

1. Humidifying capacity
Runs at 4.6gal, 3.5gal, 2.3gal each per hour and has the biggest capacity among other centrifugal system based on humidifiers, fulfills the required humidity for the given space in a short period.

2. Durability
The part of the centrifugal humidifier where malfunctioning may arise is backed up by our technology for durable for life

3. Humidification particle
The humidification is ultra minute in size, such as the natural mist.

4. Convenient and various functions
When 3 elbows of parts are assembled, direction of humidification particle output can be changed to vertical, horizontal or diagonal.
Chemicals can be sprayed when they are mixed with water in the tank in addition to its functions of humidification, convection, and lowering of temperature.
Convenient to operate anytime as main body of the humidifier is equipped with ON/OFF switch.

5. Convenience of installation
After connecting the "flexible hose" to the water dispenser hose, plug in the electrical cord and then just turn it on!

6. Miscellaneous components
All the parts for casing, water tank etc. made of molded plastic (good looking quality as well) are light-weighted and shock-resistant. The interior parts for connecting and disconnecting are made of anti-corrosive stainless products.


Specifications of PA-SERIES
4.6gal / hour
3.5gal / hour
2.3gal / hour
Input voltage
AC110V, 60Hz (Products-on-demand is always available)
Power consumption


320W 320W
Humidification System
Centrifugal force
Humidification, Convection, Decline temperature
Water pressure
15.4lb / cm²
Discharge diameter
7.6 inch
Size (inch)
19.6(L) X 14(W) X 19.6(H)
Preventive device against excessive rise in temperature of driving motor (239°F), ventilation motor (239°F) and submersible pumping (176°F). Using flat switch.
Where to use
Mushroom and orchid cultivation, vegetable and fruit storage, flowering grass, fiber factories, pigpen, barn, a timber mill, printing house, paper mill, laboratory, large-sized ventilator, disinfectant in the office and at the other place where humidification is required This product, developed as a better alternative to a supersonic humidifier can remove harmful fungi at the ultra fine particle level with its humidified particle.


PA-1200 Applications
Requirements to harvest high-quality mushrooms include moist land, time for hyphae to grow, and humidity ranging from 65 to 90% during the harvesting period. The humidifier can create and maintain the required humidity within a short period of time with ultra fine fog particles. Man applications are available: connecting a vinyl duct to the outlet of the humidifier, installing the humidifier at a certain height, and using an air-supplying duct etc .


Water accounts for 68% of the total weight of a chick. The required humidity of the farm is 75% for the first day of a chick in the farm and 70% two days after. The humidifier will not only prevent dehydration and respiratory diseases in chickens, but also reduce the raising period and feed cost. An inlet is installed at the side, allowing external air to enter inside and be used for humidification.



The humidity required for textile mills to prevent static electricity and fiber breakage during the cleaning and the weaving processes in a textile mill is 50~80%. Using a humidifier will help you avoid many problems caused by low humidity such as delayed work process, reduced production, reduced weight of products in store, and lowered quality. If you install a separate duct toward the outlet of the humidifier, it will generate even finer water particles and help you vary purging directions for different applications.