Air Mixer 21


















If you are tired of paying high energy prices...

This is the most efficient way to cut your cost.
The ‘Air Mixer 21’ will give you greater air flow and more even temps in your house.
Heat in the top of your house is a problem year round.
Keep the air moving and watch your bird and profits grow.
We offer a control box for the ‘Air Mixer 21’ you can control 1 to 10 units with timer.

-Produce Greater Airflow control than conventional fans.
-Great for poultry house applications.

Size 17.5 x 14.6"
Weight 15.4 lbs.
Motor 220/110v 60hz 100w 1,200rpm
Fan size 13.78" 5 blades
Air Flow 1,483 cu.ft/min
Capacity 1,600 square ft.