PHAROS Inc., established on June 19, 2003 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Joong Ang Technology Industry Co., Ltd. in South Korea, is the largest industrial machinery provider.

Acknowledging the importance of humidity control in the agricultural industry and through repetitive research and development for suitable equipment, Joong Ang Technology Industry Co., Ltd. has come to develop a centrifugal humidifier and turbo fog machine operated by a new method of applying water impact from a spinning board.

On the back of positive responses from those consumers who have not been able to find any suitable models for an appropriate humidity control system, we have created unchallenged demand in mushroom cultivation and poultry farming industries, and with its various strengths such as high volume, semi-permanent, low price, and after-service being brought into light, users have been giving favorable comments as they discover the suitability not only in the main agricultural sector, but also in new sectors such as textile industry, timber industry, and laboratories.

We have put our efforts into listening to our customers' satisfactions and opinions through a variety of product range and adequate and easy to use control devices. In order to grow into a leading company in modernization and automation within the rapidly changing agriculture and industry, we have succeeded in exporting to Japan, Middle East and USA, setting up an opportunity for establishing the capability and technology in the world market.

Joong Ang Technology Industry Co., Ltd. products were able to successfully enter the market despite the short period, due to product development in accordance with customers' needs, attentive after-sales service, continued research and development, and investment in development. Even today, through such creative and responsible management policy, the entire staff is working hard to become a model for a differentiated corporate culture.

Believing in today's accumulated technology and experience feeding the future creative development, we promise you that Joong Ang Technology Industry Co., Ltd. and PHAROS Inc. will lead the global market with our own brand, building on the corporate philosophy of quality first and customer satisfaction.