PA-Series: Humidifying capacity

The humidifier can spray ultra fine water particles similar to those found in natural fog from 6 liters up to 12 liters per hour, which is the maximum volume of all centrifugal atomization humidifiers. PA humidifiers are most effective in a place where humidity needs to be maintained at a certain degree within a short period of time.

The humidifier requires no special facilities or equipment and can operate instantly to control humidity in any place as long as there are power and water supplies.


TC-200: Turbo Cooler Machine

The basic operating principle of our humidifier is centrifugal atomization; water supplied to a quickly spinning rotator becomes fine particles when impact is exerted on the hydrophilic plate. These particles are the blown with strong wind to generate fog particles.

When fine water particles evaporate, they absorb heat. Using this principle, the humidifier may be used as a cooler for various facilities in summer.




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